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Try to Impress Yourself

by Roseanne
posted on October 22, 2012 at 3:10pm

 Lipstick Heart on Mirror

I think we’ve all been guilty. We’ve put on a pair of Prada shoes just because they were Prada and we’ve said something we don’t believe in just to garner a few laughs and a smile. That person might be the random shopper at a store or the person who passed your desk on Monday morning. We don’t know who these people are, yet we try our very best to impress them. However, little do we know that we are most impressive when we try to impress ourselves.

They say that impressing a stranger comes from the outside. You could swing on a designer bag and wear fabulous clothes but rack up a credit card bill that would take you months to repay. You come home empty and your own self-satisfaction relies only on somebody else’s approval. After all, to somebody, you are whatever you wish to reveal to that person.
However, when you impress yourself, everything you do comes from inside. From getting that A on a test you worked really hard for not because your parents wanted you to get good grades but because you really wanted it; to when you got your first pay check are all examples of how impressing yourself can lead to accomplishment, pride and joy! Most of all, when you impress yourself, you impress other people the most. Everyone can go out and buy those shoes right now, but it takes a real heart to take leaps of faith and to build something from scratch. That I think is the most inspiring because it gives people a piece of you.
So take off that mask of yours, go out and do something you’ve always wanted to do and feel good about your accomplishments. Impress yourself to live your best life and in doing so, you’ll find you’ll inspire the rest of the world as well.



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