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How to Get Good Looking Brows

by Roseanne
posted on October 31, 2012 at 12:32pm

Woman Plucking Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are one of the most essential characteristics to your face. In fact, they are responsible for framing your face but are often forgotten. Here are some great tips and tricks to keeping them groomed and how to define them for your everyday makeup look.

#1 First Time? Get Them Done Right!

If it’s your first time ever getting your eyebrows done, skip the DIY and get them done by a professional at a salon (and hopefully one who knows what he’s doing). The reason is because they will know exactly the best arch for your brows and will help you define them and will give you the blueprint from which you can upkeep and maintain your brows. Just mention that you want to define your brows, but still keep them natural. The best for this is threading or a method of using strings to pull out your brow hairs. It’s quite painful but it’s a very short, quick and clean process.

#2 Pluck & Trim

Once you have the framework down, it’s now time to maintain. Depending on how fast your brows grow back, it’s best to groom them at least once a week. You will need a good pair of tweezers with a slanted tip, brow scissors, and a spool brush. First, start to pluck stray hairs that differ from the majority of the brow. This is just a little cleanup. Then, trim your brows by using your spool brush to push up on the brow hairs from the base so that you can see where the brow hairs start to poke up from the brow. Then, trim the tips of those hairs.

#3 Defining - what shade & what to use

When it comes to applying your make-up, try defining your eyebrows as well. You should opt for a color that is 1 or 2 shades darker than your original brow hairs or 1 shade lighter than what it is. Of course, if you have blonde hair, you may want to go for the darker option and if you have black hair, you may want to go for a dark brown. Simply use the definer to line your brows starting from the middle in brisk light strokes (you don’t want to emphasize them too much) and then comb through to blend with a spool brush. After that, you can simply highlight your brow bone with your favorite highlighter or a light eye shadow to lift your brow arch.

#4 Powder, pencil or brow mascara?

There are so many products to define your brows these days. Should I use powder, pencil or brow mascara? In my opinion, brow powders do the best job in naturally defining your brows without looking too over the top. They fill in your brows nicely without the need to buff the pigment out and look the most natural.

#5 Keep them natural

On the topic of natural, the number one rule is to keep them looking like your own but with a little bit of style. Forget about the thought of inking your eyebrows if you’re lazy because the dye often turns blue, which you can especially see on old aunties and also forget about making them too thin. It’s always good to go the salon every now and then to just keep the frame in tact but always say to them “I just want it defined, a bit more arch, do just a cleanup,” and you should be fine!

Hope you liked my tips to getting good-looking brows!



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