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How to Contour for a Slimmer Face

by Roseanne
posted on November 20, 2012 at 7:01pm

Applying Blush to Countour a slimmer face


We all want those angled cheekbones and slim noses but of course without the surgery. Thankfully, we can achieve this look easily with facial contouring. Contouring uses a darker shade powder to hide or tuck away certain features that you don’t want to show. So by applying a darker shade to a cheekbone, you can depress it.

The tools you need for contouring are a small round fluffy brush or an angled blush brush. You also need a bronzer or contouring powder or cream that is one or two shades darker than your original skin tone. If you have darker skin however, you can best achieve a contoured look through highlighting and not contouring, as you want to bring out the light in your features.

Where you contour is also easy. Apply the contour in an E-Shape on the side of your face, starting from your temple, to slightly below your cheekbone to your jawline. If you don’t know where to contour on your cheekbone, pucker your lips and the place the contour where the cheek goes in. Then, buff out any harsh lines and don’t forget that it’s best to apply lightly at first and layer on color until you get the desired shade.

It’s best to always use a matte contouring powder as a shimmery powder may act as a highlight and do the opposite of what you’d really like to achieve.

There we have it, simple steps to contouring, hope you found it helpful.




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